Why should I get married in Malta? 

With all-year-round sunshine and crystal waters, the Islands offer distinctive locations for a wedding or honeymoon. Visitors to the island experience no language barriers since English is widely spoken.

The average cost of a traditional wedding in the UK is close to £20000, whereas couples who chose to get married abroad spend an average of £6000 on a combined wedding and honeymoon.


I want to book my wedding, where do I start?

Call us on +356 22911061 or send an email to weddings @phoeniciamalta.com, our in-house wedding coordinator will be delighted to discuss your plans with you. 


Why should I contact the hotel wedding coordinator when I can book a wedding through a tour operator? 

Most tour operators do not arrange the weddings they feature in their brochures themselves, they use a local wedding planner to make all the arrangements, and usually that person has their own wedding business, or works in the wedding department of a hotel or resort. 

By going direct to the hotels wedding coordinator you save money by paying a direct price without commission added. You also have a direct line to the person who is actually arranging your wedding! 


How far in advance do I need to book?

It is always best to allow as much time as possible for planning your wedding. There is a minimum of 12 weeks in advance due to legal paperwork, for peak holiday periods we recommend you book 12 months in advance to maximise the chance of getting the date you require.


What paperwork will we need? 

Birth Certificates, Passport, Free status certificate, If divorced, decree absolute; If widowed, death and previous wedding certificates; Application for publication of banns, Declaration on Oath and adoption papers if applicable 


Will my marriage be valid in the UK? 

Rest assured that your wedding in Malta is completely legal and recognised by UK law. 


Will the ceremony be in English?

Yes. Whether you choose a Civil or Catholic service, all ceremonies are conducted in English.


How long will I need to be in a country before getting married? 

You will need to be in Malta at Least 2 working days prior to your wedding to visit the registrar


Can we get married at any time? 

Generally you can get married any time the officiant is available, there might be some restrictions on Sundays and Holidays. We will advise you if you are unable to get married on the day or time you choose.


Where will our wedding ceremony be held?

Unless otherwise stated, a civil ceremony will be held at the Gazebo which is a secluded garden venue within the grounds of the hotel, church weddings will be held at one of Malta’s many lovely catholic churches which is within walking distance from the hotel. 


Can we book optional extras for our wedding?

Certainly, we can book any extras you might require for your wedding day. These may include hairdresser and beautician appointments, extra flowers, photographs, video service and music. Any extras that you book that are not included in your Wedding package will need to be paid direct to the hotel.


I would like to book accommodation for my wedding guests at the time we book our wedding, is this possible?

Absolutely, for all weddings confirmed at the Phoenicia we offer special accommodation rates and for large groups (10 rooms or more) we will offer group booking discounts.


Can the bride travel home under her married name? 

The bride must travel under her maiden name until she is able to change her passport into her married name. 


Is there a minimum number of guests I can have at my wedding?

The Phoenicia caters for a wide variety of weddings from intimate dinners for two to a lavish reception for 800.


I want a garden venue but what happens if it rains?

Both of our outdoor venues have an appropriate backup venue inside the hotel in the event of unfavourable weather


Can I have a catholic wedding in the garden?

No sorry only blessings, symbolic ceremonies and civil ceremonies are allowed, religious ceremonies need to be held in a church 


Is the Bastion Pool available for weddings?

The bastion pool is a favourite for weddings however minimum numbers apply and it is only available from 20:00 onwards. 


Do guests have to come through the hotel to get to the outdoor venues?

No both of our outdoor venues have separate entrances to the side of the hotel via the gardens.


Are there extra charges for staff?

No all service staff including security and cloakroom attendants is included