SoapCafe` is a relatively new concept in Malta, mainly due to the fact that we produce virtually edible beauty products, for all types of skins and age, while also catering for the vegetarian and vegan market. We are also Pioneers in researching and using some of the best local produce in our soaps, lotions and balms. At SoapCafe` one can also find various gift ideas for all budgets, herbal and loose leaf teas, essential oils and herbal remedies. Our products are free from Mineral oils or other BI products, Parabens, SLS and Animal fat. 

Soap Cafe is the brain child of islander Charlene 'Charly' Mercieca; an avid researcher of alternative remedies, a qualified beautician, product designer, herbalist, make up artist, a spa consultant and lover of all things handmade and well made. Her passion for natural and holistic alternatives fired up at the age of 16 . At a tender age , she had already experienced varies ailments including eczema, severe alopecia, IBS, extreme weight loss and weight gain - resulting in ill health. When all conventional treatments failed and she had nothing else to loose, she was introduced to the beautiful world of holistic therapies...and 13 years later, Soap Cafe was created; bringing together holistic health, beauty, art and design.

Today Soap Cafe produces over 50 different handmade soap for all skin types and ailments, and over varies lotions, balms and scrubs for a healthier more beautiful skin. Most of our products are made with local ingredients such as olive oil, goat's milk and purée's of seasonal local fruit such as prickly pear and pumpkin to name a few. 

Our ethos is ; Only produce and use goods that are beneficial for human, animal and planet. Choosing toxic free products means causing less damage to our planet and protecting our own individual health. None of our products are tested on animals or use animal fat, and when using products such as palm oil, we make sure that the raw materials are ethically sourced.

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