Natasha Polidano has made a name for herself as a refreshing, modern award winning makeup artist within Malta's vibrant fashion & beauty industry.

A passion for all things artistic naturally steered her towards makeup artistry.

With over 18 years of experience under her belt and winning the Malta fashion Awards for 3 times , Natasha has honed her unique style and is highly sought after for her ability to deliver flawless skin and up to the minute looks. Her signature style is clear luminous skin, luscious lashes and a spattering of hand drawn freckles – delivering her reputable cool edgy aesthetic. 

Here timeless style always manages to be current, an attribute that Nat always strives for and attains in her work. Her work is immediately identifiable by a youthful energy and effortless beauty. There is a certain 'realness' to her makeup approach, whether it be raw skin, enhancing freckles or stained lip that looks just bitten. With each face she paints, her goal is always to create cool confident girls, who use make-up as an extension of their personality, rather than a mask. Finding beauty in every face and her technical skills combined with a warm disposition and friendly personality.

Natasha's strong editorial portfolio is continually updated with new shoots regularly gracing the covers of Sunday Magazines and the ever growing popular TV show on national TV VENERE. 

Colour combinations, textures, forms, memories and emotions often provide the catalyst for her make-up ideas and further development is an organic process rather than a technical one. A talent for creating make-up looks that compliment fashion, rather than overtake, has made her a favourite amongst local designers, and photographer, who all entrust in her expertise to assist in actualising their vision. Provide make-up direction for their runway shows, overseeing and managing teams with precise execution. 

Natasha is an undeniable Malta's talent, who will continue to earn acclaim from her peers, and achieve success for years to come.

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