Setting up a small jeweller’s workshop back in 2005, Nadège kicked off her jewellery designer/maker venture under the name Nadège. Renée. Nadège designs and produces contemporary jewellery using palladium, gold and sterling silver - and combines these with various precious or non-precious materials. Uniqueness is the underlying concept of Nadège. Renée jewellery and she designs and produces her own lines of exclusive or limited edition pieces. Nadège also enjoys creating bespoke jewellery by recycling her clients’ precious metals and stones.

In the past years, Nadège has been specializing in matching and stackable wedding and engagement rings, mixing precious metals such as gold and palladium – a precious white metal that is part of the platinum group of noble metals. Nadège also enjoys developing any unusual yet intimate wedding ring ideas - that might even derive from a memory, a place, or a special link that marks the story of a special kind of love! Like any unique relationship, wedding rings should be personalised and not mass-produced! Your ideas are the limit! Nadège also designs and hand-craft personalised bridal jewellery sets, ranging from necklaces and collar pieces, bracelets, ear rings and hair pieces – concepts that she discusses and designs together with her clients, making sure that the end products will go hand in hand with the wedding apparel and style. Nadège also creates personalised cuff links as well as jewellery for bridesmaids and mothers-in-law, and cufflinks for fathers-in-law and bestmen – special and personal designs that will surely make memorable gift ideas for the closest persons on your special day! 

In 2010, Nadège received her B.A (Hons) in 3D Design and Interior Design (specialising in jewellery), from the MCAST Institute of Art and Design. Since then, she has presented her works in various events and exhibitions, both locally and internationally. In May 2015, she presented her first solo jewellery exhibition Un / Burnished at Palazzo de la Salle in Valletta. Nadège has promoted the Maltese jewellery-making tradition in events such as the Malta Design Week, the Malta Fashion Week, Runway Malta, local craft shows as well as in Import Shop in Berlin. In Berlin, she was also invited to deliver a presentation about her contemporary transformable jewellery creations at the Maltese Embassy.  In the past 5 years, Nadège has also been awarded three local awards for creativity and innovation in design and execution: In 2015  - 1st place at the WIPO Award for Creativity and Innovation with the Tentillum Neckpiece. In 2011 - 2nd place at Premju Gieh l-Atrigjanat Malta, Creativity and Innovation in the Craft Products Category with the transformable Lotus Set. In 2010 - 3rd place at the WIPO Award for Creativity and Innovation with the Boomerang Transformable Neckpiece.

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