Cocktails that wow your guests!

Weddings are wonderful events; the entire experience from the engagement to the honeymoon is a momentous occasion for the bride and groom. Along the journey to matrimony there are many parties, showers and receptions that call for a few hit Molecular Cocktails. Molecular mixology is one application of molecular gastronomy; it means cooking with modern tools. Molecular cocktails are the modern style of drinks, and takes advantage of many technical innovations from the scientific disciplines.

Molecular mixology blends physics and chemistry to revolutionize the tastes and textures of beverages. The result?  New and innovative thirst-quenchers which enabling one to serve amaretto bubbles and B52 bites, as well as grenadine pearls and daiquiri spaghettis.

Molecular cocktails are safe, and as for the chemicals you hear about, the truth is, they have been a part of our food and culinary traditions for decades now, as every time you mix something, you use chemistry. Molecular Fusion is just taking the chemistry of mixology a step further, mostly to play with textures, looks and taste. At Molecular Fusion, we tap into your sense of smell and encourage different sensations whilst sipping these amazing cocktails. We genuinely believe that part of the cocktail experience lies in the theatrics of the service and we perform our routines to provide an entertaining, yet efficient service. Give your guests something more to talk about aside from the Bride's beautiful dress!

Every couple has their own style, their own song, their own favourite restaurant or place. So why not have a favourite Molecular Cocktail? Since you cannot have a sip, try having a look at some Molecular Fusion cocktails on our Facebook page.   From sweet to sour, we serve cocktails that will wow you and your guests.

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