Have you ever been in that situation where you’re imagining something very clearly but yet others cannot understand you or see the whole picture? Well, I’ve been there a lot of times and I used to just give up and let others decide,  or end up with something nice but not the orginality that I opted for.

Here at Lola engraving we would help you create that very special “thing” that you’ve been dreaming of but no one else could deliver. Is there a cake topper that you’ve always wished for; the one that really portrays YOU as a couple? Or maybe that unique invitation bursting with style but didn’t even know it could be made?

Lola engraving has been very recently established and we are all here to share our love and talents for beautifully designed and crafted items. We create totally exquisite custom invitations (even made out of wood), announcements, personalised wedding favours, distinctive guestbook which is a fabulous wedding keepsake and much more unique objects that reflect your personality.

Just visit our stand and we will help you create the detailed wedding which reflects the perfection of love between the two of you.

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