DESIREE is a brand which specializes in personalised designs on shoes. Each shoe is a wearable work-of-art made for the client who wants to #bedifferent and give a unique touch to the wedding or special occasion. Designs can be made to match the theme/colour scheme or to pop out as an unusual designer piece for any outfit for the couple, and/or to any groomsmen/bridesmaids /family/friends to give a personalised, designer feel to the overall look.

Hand painting freehand designs on shoes developed from an ongoing passion for the arts, fashion, and all things beautiful. The aim is to create shoes which are unique from anything mass-produced or sold in shops. On the contrary, each shoe is treated as a new canvas painstakingly hand-painted and designed with a concept in mind, whilst taking into consideration the shape of the shoe and the style of the owner.

After all, why wear common shoes like everyone else? #bedifferent

Each pair is signed by the designer herself and is guaranteed to be a stunning focal point in each outfit. All designs are made using high quality paints and mixed media. The designer can work on an old pair of shoes you already own and have it transformed completely for your special day, or work on a new pair. The aim is to have fun with your shoes, and create something that means to both of you.... Something that makes you smile when you celebrate this wonderful time in your lives.


Special offers: 10% off on orders booked during the fair.


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