Choosing Commander Jay Events and Entertainment makes it easier when planning your big day.  With a vast experience in the events and entertainment sector we can not only provide you with the best music entertainment, but also convert your venue in one that you always dreamed of.  Commander Jay Events & Entertainment is a one-stop-shop for all you could possibly require: one can find the latest outdoor furniture, marquee tents, professional/ambience lighting and unique entertainment thus making your day an unforgettable one. 

Ambience & Professional Lighting

Light up your venue with Commander Jay Events & Entertainment.  Commander Jay Events & Entertainment can transform your wedding venue into one which is unique to your day by using different LED lighting to wash gardens and rubble walls.  Fairy lights are used to sparkle magic dust over your venue whilst moving heads give that special touch of light to your dance floor.  Speak to us for more ideas on how to light up your venue for the perfect ambience. 

Marquee Tent Rental

Make your venue exceptional with Commander Jay Events & Entertainment.  When you step in Commander Jay Events & Entertainment you find a wide range of marquee tents which can be the best alternative shelter in case of bad weather of high temperatures.Regardless of your needs, Commander Jay Events & Entertainment has the structure solution for you as it provides you with marquee tents of different sizes and shapes; from our smallest tent that covers 3m x 3m, up to our largest gazebo that covers an area of 12m x 8m. 

Commander Jay Events & Entertainment provides you with modern marquees and pop up tents that are suitable for outdoor functions since they are made up of the latest technologic advanced production that protects them against natural elements.  Our marquee tents deliver a combination of excellent quality together with a good pricing and this helps us to execute and follow up the entire design according to your needs. 

Furniture & Décor 

Enrich your venue with Commander Jay Events & Entertainment.  Commander Jay Events & Entertainment offers you the possibility to compliment your hall with a large variety of decorative possibilities converting your space into the setting of your dreams.  Refresh your venue with décor, and create an ambience that your family and guests will remember forever by selecting from the wide range of decorations Commander Jay Events & Entertainment can provide you.  We boast ourselves to offer the latest and ultra modern accessories namely chandeliers, bistro tables, projected names and the like, which surely give a colourful twist to your dream venue. Make your wedding a day to remember by choosing from our wide range of contemporary outdoor furniture, decor and accessories.  This gives you the opportunity to create something really unique and a personal touch to your special day. 

The possibilities to décor your venue are endless but here are just some of the things Commander Jay Events & Entertainment can offer you. 

  • Sofas and chill out areas 
  • Led stools and benches 
  • Led orbs
  • Led bistro tables
  • Patio or Lava Heaters 
  • 3D couple names
  • Different coloured carpets 
  • Candle Lanterns
  • Bird Cages
  • Balloons
  • Curtains
  • Projected names
  • Backdrops
  • Dance floors 
  • Smoke machines
  • Bubble machines
  • And so much more 


Deejay Service 

Commander Jay Events & Entertainment brings experience and quality to the table as it provides you with the professional deejay entertainment throughout your event.  We specialize in customizing your event to suit your perusal tastes thus making sure your wedding is one that everyone will remember.


Singer Service for your ceremony

Your wedding day isn’t complete without the right music for your wedding ceremony! Commander Jay Events & Entertainment makes this possible through the angelic voices of the teams singers accompanied by live instruments. 


Kids’ entertainment 

Commander Jay Events & Entertainment completes your special day by offering kids entertainment service.  A team of professional animators provide a fun and exciting programme so that the young audience feels part of this once in a life time celebration. 

Fire Jugglers 

Love and fire combined together to give your special day a unique touch! Commander Jay Events & Entertainment gives you the opportunity to make this happen by providing a stunning fire juggling show suited for your big day!


Confetti Cannons and Fireworks 

Spice up and sparkle your memorable day with the unique effect that only fireworks and confetti can offer.  Commander Jay Events & Entertainment can make this moment event more special when confetti and fireworks are synchronized with the perfect song of your choice. 


Visual Rental 

Re-live the best moments of your life together with your family and friends! This is possible by projecting your favourite photos or videos that represent milestones in your life.  Commander Jay Events & Entertainment gives you the opportunity to share your best moments through visual projection or a monitor LCD on aluminium stand.


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