The Law

Civil Unions are governed by the provisions of the Civil Unions Act of 2014 (Cap. 530 of the Laws of Malta).


Form Rz1

This form is the request for the publication of banns. In this form the partners give all details requested by the Marriage Registry regarding the forthcoming Civil Union.   This form is to be signed by the couple.

Form Rz2

Two forms of the RZ2 are to be submitted. Each partner should sing a separate form after making their declaration on oath or solemnly affirming that there are no legal impediments to the civil union. The oath should be read and the form signed by the couple in the presence of a Commissioner for Oaths.  


If a passport is being submitted, the photocopy of the photo page would suffice.  When the ID card is presented, a photo copy of both front and back of the card is to be submitted. The original document should be presented on request during the ceremony.

Birth Certificate/Adoption Certificate

An Original Non-abridged Birth Certificate/Adoption Certificate is required.

Free Status Certificate

S/he has to obtain the Free Status Certificate of that country.

Deed Poll/Change of Name/Surname

If one’s name or surname is different to that shown on his Birth Certificate/Adoption Certificate, one has to produce the Deed Poll/Certificate displaying the change.

Obtaining a Civil Union Certificate

One can procure the Civil Union Certificate from the Civil Status, Public Registry, five working days after the marriage ceremony has taken place. Certificates can also be ordered online by accessing our website